Architecture interview questions


Mobile - react native

- Explain why react native vs native?
- Explain react native
- Por qué te gusta más react qeu angular?
- Who would you setup a SDLC
	○ branches
	○ environments (Android and iOS)
	○ tests
- Process wise
	○ setup agile process: from reqs to implementation
	○ how to ensure quality?
	○ design?
- How would you approach mobile and web? 5/5
	○ Sharing level
	○ How close/apart would the projects be?
	○ Similarity of solutions?
	○ => was in a project where sharing between web and mobile worked well
		○ Define the platform is KEY
- App design:
	○ How to decouple modules in a mobile app?
- Cómo estructuras una solución?
- Microfrontends?