Build native mobile packages from html/css/js app with PhoneGap Build cloud service

Note: PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build are going to be shut down

General idea

Startup with an html/js/css app. Build an APK from the front-end web app using PhoneGap Build cloud service. Unfortunatly Phonegap CLI fails for some weird reason, so the I had to manually zip it before posting it to the API (the API doesn’t fail but expects the zip up to where I got).

Phonegap Build account

Create an account in

Build android through dev API

Create PhoneGap Build config file in the app root folder containing all the html, css, js..

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<widget xmlns   = ""
    xmlns:gap   = ""
    id          = "com.bustroker.notes"
    versionCode = "10"
    version     = "1.0.0" >

<!-- versionCode is optional and Android only -->

  <name>Bustroker Notes</name>

      Personal memorandum.

  <author href="" email="">


Next zip up the folder containing the app plus config.xml, say as, and PUT the PhoneGap Build cloud.


PHONEGAP-BUILD-ACCOUNT-USER-ID: the email used as user id for the account created in PhoneGap Build. APP-ID: the application id. Should be something like 4016017, and is found in

Provide the password for the account when promped.

Download and install APK

Browse to and use the QR code generated for your app to download APK to the mobile.