AWS CLI cheatsheet

aws aws cli cheatsheet

Recover lost `PATH` variable

cheatsheet PATH

Powershell cheatsheet

powershell cheatsheet

MySql/MariaDb command line cheatsheet

MySql MariaDb cheatsheet

Azure DevOps yaml pipeline cheatsheet

azure devops cheatsheet

Kubernetes (1.7) commands cheatsheet

kubernetes cheatsheet

Helm 3 commands cheatsheet

helm cheatsheet

Docker compose

docker-compose cheatsheet

Docker cheatsheet

docker docker-compose cheatsheet

Azure Managed Identity token with cURL

curl azure cheatsheet managed Id

cURL usefull commands cheatsheet

curl cheatsheet

Create file from command line in Windows

command line cheatsheet

Python data science cheatsheet

python cheatsheet

Nuget.config file

nuget.config cheatsheet

Change directory to different drive in Windows cmd

command line cheatsheet

Kusto cheatsheet

azure application insights kusto cheatsheet

Vagrant VM provision & vagrant commands cheathsheet

vagrant getting started cheatsheet